Doctor Adam Brownhill

Medical Director

Adam Brownhill

Dr Adam Brownhill is the Medical Director and founder of TG Health Clinic.


Adam has extensive experience in providing clear, evidence-based professional advice to transgender and gender diverse individuals.


Following work in emergency medicine and general practice in England and Wales, Adam moved to Australia in 2013 and spent the next four years as medical director and chief clinician of a service providing medical and health care to indigenous communities in northern Australia. Adam’s work with remote communities fostered his interest in facilitating innovative healthcare delivery solutions for his patients, such as telehealth.


Adam has worked as a member of the medical team at Equinox Health and currently provides GP services to transgender and gender diverse individuals.

  • male
  • English, French
  • 2352-7657-45
  • Mediz 2nd building EBEX St. Walton
    New York


Respiratory medicine (lung)


Cystic fibrosis (children)


British Cardiovascular Society

British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic

European Society of Cardiology

Fellow Royal Society of Medicine

Doctor Schedule

Monday09:00 - 14:00
Tuesday13:00 - 17:00
Thursday10:00 - 13:00
Saturday09:00 - 14:00


Doctor Brownhill has over 20 years Primary Care experience. A graduate of University College London in 1998, he completed his General Practice training with the Oxford deanery gaining Membership to Royal College of General Practitioners in 2004.

Adam was a partner in several practices both in England and Wales where he started to develop an interest in pre-hospital care and emergency medicine. This culminated in helping to create SWIFTMedics: a charity staffed by volunteer medics that delivered prehospital care across the South West of the UK. SWIFTMedics placed a doctor on the only helicopter with nighttime capabilities in the UK. The charity won multiple awards as did its members.


BSc degree in Medicine (1998) at University College London

Royal College of Physicians; MRCP (UK) 2000

PHD Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2004

Research interests

Professor Joshua Clark studied at Havard and qualified in medicine at Harvard Medical School in 1987. He then worked at various New York hospitals for the next five years, including Seattle, Washington. He also held positions with the Medical Research Council, NY Heart Foundation

Awards and honours

1988 British Thoracic Society Fisons Travel Fellowship

1991 British Medical Association HC Roscoe Fellowship

1997 Royal College of Physicians Graham Bull Prize in Clinical Science

2004 North American CF Conference Plenary Lecturer (first non-American)

2005 CF Trust John Panchaud Medal

My Skills

Heart assessment90%
Heart Surgery80%
Rehabilitation and therapies80%