Clinic Policies

Please read!

TG Health Clinic keeps your health records confidential

Your personal and medical records are kept securely and confidentially at TG Health Clinic and will only be divulged with your consent or where required by law.  Your can access your records whenever you wish.  We are bound by the Privacy Act, 1988 (Commonwealth), the Health Records Act, 2001 (Victoria) and the Privacy and Data Protection Act, 2014 (Victoria).

Booked appointments

We will send you reminders for follow-up appointments and other health care matters.  You will be sent a reminder text message on the day before your appointment.  Please reply to that message to confirm that you will be attending.  If you do not confirm your appointment it may be cancelled.

If you are late for an appointment, we may see other patients and your appointment could be delayed.

PEACH CLINICS will not be able to make an appointment for you so please do not attempt to contact them.

Prescriptions, referrals and results

You are required to attend an appointment to receive prescriptions, referrals and to be given most pathology test results.

Participation in the treatment process

When attending your appointment, you must provide complete and accurate information about your health and medication in order to enable appropriate advice and care to be provided to you.  We expect you to participate in making decisions about your care.